Original Abstract and Impressionist Watercolor Artist and Poet M. Joyce Athey


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Welcome to the Works of M. Joyce Athey click here to go to the Welcome center View the Gallery where you can enjoy Joyce's original abstract watercolor paintings and so much more! Check out what's going on at M. Joyce Athey .com Discover more about M. Joyce Athey, abstract watercolor artist, painter, and poet Get in touch and stay in touch at www.mjoyceathey.com
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Enjoy the flavor of Mary Joyce Boehm Athey's painting and poetry book

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The Artist and Poet M. Joyce Athey


Cathedrals of the Heart

Cathedrals can be such enormous structures of strength.

Arched, beamed ceilings and domes
holding ornate carvings and sculpture,
paintings by Michelangelo.

Long hallways and large cavernous rooms
filled with ancient art by the Masters,
voices bounce and echo.

Magnificent stained glass windows
depicting artists’ interpretation of Scripture
refracted, reflected when the sun shines,
brilliant display of color.

Altar and huge cross, front and center,
represent sacrifice and table of the Lord.
Pulpit, a place where Gospel is read and spoken,
Kneelers and pews for praying worshipers.

Precious wood and stone adorn furnishings and building.
Hands touch and feel richness of beauty.

Aroma of candles, incense, and wine
complete the sensory marvel.

Seek out the place within your heart
where such wealth of space, strength, beauty,
peace and solitude dwell.
Go there to sing and dance,
listen, weep, rest, and dream.

May you find this book of painting and poetry
filled with such cathedrals of the heart.

The Artist's Vision
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