Learn More About the Original Abstract and Impressionist Watercolor, Acrylic and Liturgical Artist and Poet M. Joyce Athey


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Boldness, Unique Individuality

I live in a world of form and words. Actually we’re all surrounded by form
and deluged with words.

among the many artists
in these Florida surrounds,
my specific way of painting
and perhaps my style of poetic speak
become unique among them.













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Welcome to the Works of M. Joyce Athey click here to go to the Welcome center View the Gallery where you can enjoy Joyce's original abstract watercolor paintings and so much more! Check out what's going on at M. Joyce Athey .com Discover more about M. Joyce Athey, abstract watercolor artist, painter, and poet Get in touch and stay in touch at www.mjoyceathey.com
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Artist Statement

A lifetime of learning, living, and listening
with reliance on a forgiving, loving God
brings energy and emotion to both
writing and painting.

Excitement and expectation
surround me
as painting or poetry begin.
The whispering wind of the Spirit
pushes me forward.
I flow with its unfolding.

Development of each artistic form
draws me into its own realm of mystery,
becomes a puzzle for me to discover and develop.

Phrase or idea comes to mind
excites senses
carries visual impact.
produces variation of words with similar meaning
teases continued thought and flow of written expression.

Random lines on watercolor paper
a wash of four or five colors
glazes between lines
surge of hue for intensity
begins the search for and
development of idea, pattern, or design.
A new painting begins.

Freedom and creativity reign.
Emotion and thought take form.

About the Artist & Poet
M. Joyce Athey

  1995 - Adventure with transparent watercolor began. A unique abstract style emerged. Poetry soon joined this visible form of personal expression.

  1996 - First solo watercolor exhibit, Cocoa Beach Library, Cocoa, FL. Acceptance into very competitive shows followed including Florida Watercolor Society.

  2003 - “Journey of the Soul: The Spirit in Art”, presentation and exhibit of paintings and poetry initiated. Organized and chaired Advent Lutheran Board of Fine Arts which offered a unique and vibrant fine art ministry for and by the community. Joyce’s 12’x13’ acrylic painting, “A Great Light” became a 5’ square stained glass entry window of Advent Lutheran Church, Suntree, FL in memory of her husband.

   2005 - Athey Traveling Art Exhibit of watercolor, fabric, & poetry was presented at eleven select churches and convention centers in six different states from MD to CO, August through November.

   2007 - A month long solo exhibit in Harris Corporation Lobby and Gallery of the Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts, Melbourne, FL. presented an amazing variety of creativity with fabric, painting, and poetry.

   2009 - Cathedrals of the Heart, painting/poetry publication excites many hearts.

   Before Florida days Joyce was an Elementary Teacher, Director of Christian Education, missionary in Ethiopia, author of Christian Education materials, national cross-stitch designer, and liturgical artist.  Joyce, a mother of four, grandmother of two, Lutheran pastor’s widow, now also a courageous breast cancer survivor.

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   Joyce Athey began her adventure with transparent watercolor in 1995, several years after moving to Florida. Her interest was ignited through Brevard’s welcoming art community. Joyce’s unique abstract style emerged.

   Poetry soon joined this visible form of personal expression Her newest book, Cathedrals of the Heart, leads the reader on an incredible faith journey through poetry and paintings.  One can see and learn more of her artistry as you carefully browse through this website.


Experience yes, from which her voice can flow!